Rainbow Warriors Wallpaper

Rainbow Warriors
Rainbow Warriors Wallpaper by fabalah.com, download below.

The Rainbow Warriors, not much is known about them as they have been deleted from the imperial records. Their homeworld is named Prism, located in the Ultima Segmentum. With their blue power armour and multi-coloured helmets, what isn’t there to love?  The moment I saw their chapter name I needed to know more about these Space Marines. Sadly, nothing has really been expanded on them besides a few run-in’s here and there (officially at least). They are a different sort of Ultramarine successor, I imagine them to have a badass Asgard theme. Remember how awesome the rainbow bridge was? Damn, give me some of that!

Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge, connecting Asgård with Muspelheim, Midgård, Nifelheim, Jotunheim & Utgård.

You can still find them on the GW site, here in the gallery. Also if you look carefully in your Space Marines Codex you will find there is one planet on the map (page 30) in the place of a Chapter name, it says “record deleted”. Looking very closely it is clear that this deleted Chapter’s badge is the Rainbow Warriors!  Now lets get on with the downloads.

Space Marines Codex map, page 30.


Free with a tweet or a Facebook post! Super easy, just click on the resolution you would like and follow the instructions. Thank you for all your support. No Commercial use. Do not redistribute without written permission. You can contact the Designer at fabalah.com or here at tarvick.com/contact if you have any questions. You can request more sizes in the comments below and will add them as requested. I hope you enjoy my Rainbow Warriors Wallpaper!

– Fabalah

Coming soon if requested. 



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  1. chris

    like Aquilanus, I am a huge RW fan as well. I am currently exploring them on the Bolter and chainsword forums as well. I am also going for the norse theme. don’t know what I’m make the Bifrost yet but Aquilanus and I will figure it out! my thread on the B&C is called a Tale of twelve armies, hopefully there will be some test minis up soon!

    • Fabalah

      Looking forward to seeing more RW! I’ll keep an eye out for your thread on the Bolter and chainsword!

  2. Dave

    Have seen this posted on the Bolter and Chainsword website. As a huge fan of the Rainbow Warriors, I think this is awesome and is now my default wallpaper.

    I’ve gone for the Aztec/Mayan feel for my minis and the fluff I’ve been writing for them. I’ve even writing a story on B+C called “Bringing light into dark places”.

    It’s brilliant to see that there are others out there who love them too! ^_^


    • Fabalah

      Rainbow Warrior fans unite! I’ve seen your blog Aquilanus keep up the good work! =)

  3. Ralph

    As Phil was saying, most have thought of them to have an Aztec/Mayan theme but an Asgard theme could be really neat. Noble, regal, vikings, carrying hammers? I would like to see that. Its not like many people make a Rainbow Warriors army, so you should. I wonder if some of their glow effects would be rainbows, instead of a solid color. hmm.

    • Fabalah

      Thats an interesting idea Ralph, sounds like a difficult task to make the glow effects rainbows, instead of a solid colour. I wonder if Tarvick would be up for the task! He is making a true scale one for me right now! (Not sure when it is going to be done… BUT it is going to be awesome!)

  4. Aaron

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Phil

    The Rainbow warriors are awesome, there is some great stuff on them across the web, most people seem to give them an Aztex/Mayan theme, which looks amazing


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