Eternal Hunt: World Eaters Gladiator

Welcome to the first Artisan Alliance post!

Before we start, I wanted to be sure everyone who made their way here knows what’s going on. The Artisan Alliance is my own blog roll, with the aim of helping everyone get their content out there and seen. With that in mind, I wanted to share some of my favorites from those on the blog roll in posts on the Alliance page.

Eternal Hunt has been sharing a lot of awesome Chaos conversions for quite a while, but his recent World Eaters are something else. Using bitz from Chaos Marines, Warriors of Chaos, and even a Dark Eldar bit, he has built an impressive and unique squad of Gladiator Marines.

world-eaters-gladiators-9 world-eaters-gladiators-44 world-eaters-gladiators-53
I love how barbaric the Marines feel, as well as how violent they look. They are each very unique, and have quite a bit of character to them. I love seeing fantastic conversions for Chaos Marines, because they allow a lot of freedom to go places you can’t go with many other armies.

If you liked these Gladiators and want to see more, or enjoy cool Chaos conversions in general, be sure to check out Eternal Hunt. He has a ton more awesome Chaos Marines, including one of my favorite Nurgle Terminator Lord.

If you have your own blog, be sure to sign up for the Artisan Alliance! Sign up, and get your content out there! I’ll be sharing more of my favorites on my Facebook Page, as well as on the Alliance Homepage.

Happy painting.

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  1. krautscientist

    Thanks for the shout out, Tarvick! I am pretty proud of these guys, to be honest. Plus the squad has been a blast to build and paint so far! Couldn’t have done it with all the awesome, gladiator-related suggestions on the forums, though… 😉


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