Khorne Lord of Skulls

Hey folks,

I managed to finally get the walking Lord of Skulls finished, and get some photos up. I had fun painting this guy. Because of his size, I wanted to find a way to make the armour interesting, without spending too much time blending and weathering. I tested the method out before committing, but what ended up working really well was a sponge. The method is fairly simple. Just dab the sponge in your paint, and lightly press it against the desired area. I also ended up doing my broad highlighting this way, as well as a small amount of battle damage.

Lord of Skulls

When the kit was first released, I wasn’t too fond of it. With the addition of some legs, I can say that I’m actually starting to like this kit. Below are some close ups! The kit comes with quite a few weapon option (I confess that I have no idea what they are), and I wanted to include a really cool close up.

Lord of Skulls Lord of Skulls weapons Lord of Skulls weapons

I hope you guys like this beast. He took a little while to paint, but I think he was worth it! Let me know what you think in the comments.

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