Ultramarines W.I.P

Well, the website is finally done! You will notice a lot of spiffy art on all the pages, and that my portfolio page now has painted miniatures in it. But I am sure you can see that for yourself. Onto some pictures!

MdWip_000These are the beginnings of Tactical squad Vander, taken of out Codex: Space Marine, page 18 and 19. I plan on doing my whole army based on what is shown here.The bases are 30mm, as I feel the Marines look better then they do on 40mm. I have used the method described by Lamenter, you can check out his site here. He has a lot of inspiring work, and was one of the main contributors to me starting this army.

MdWip_003These are the next 3 from the same squad. You will noticed the mark 2 legs on the right, and let me tell you, those were not easy. I am fairly new to Green-Stuff, so it mas a learning curve to get them looking right. I am still not entirely happy with them, but maybe I will like them more when the body is done.

MdWip_005And this is the beginning of the Command squad, the Lions of Macragge! I hope to make these guys look really awesome, and so I am going to be taking a little extra time and care with them. The Marine on the right will be carrying the Company banner, hoisting it into the air. I want him to look like he has come from an epic price of art, inspiring the Company onward with the banner. Speaking of which…

MdWip_006Here it is! This baby has been a pain. It is very small, only about half the length of my finger. It has been a real test for me, but I thnk it is really coming along, and I am very proud of it. I will be casting it in Green-Stuff when I have finished it, based on this tutorial.

That is all for now. Work on this army will be a little slow, as they are expensive to make, and time consuming. I also need a bucket load of Forge World items to get these Marines done, but hopefully that happens sooner rather than later. I have also commissioned an Art-Scale Captain Sicarius from Winterdyne, and I hope to see him in the next few weeks.



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